Are all root canal treatment the same?

Root canal treatment involves cleaning out the necrotic and diseased nerve tissues in the root canal system(it is composed of main branches and small accessory branches) and filling the canals.In our clinic, together with our skills to give adequate pain control, we can provide the most up to date root canal treatment in comfort. 
The saving of useful teeth is worth of our best service. It is strongly advisable to have the initial root canal treatment done as best as it can be as the retreatment decreases success rate, is costly and time consuming. General level of root canal treatment in Japan is not as up to date as what you can receive at our clinic. Our doctor has adequate training to provide the standard of treatment similar to endodontist in US. Dr Enatsu is the first dentist from Asia to attend Dr Buchanan’s course on Microscopic Endodontics in 1999 and had the training at the University of Illinois, Endodontic Department.

Patient receives adequate anesthesia so there will be NO PAIN during the procedures. We have patients coming to our clinic, due to inability to get profound pain control during the procedure at other dental clinic. Root Canal Treatment is completed in one or two appointments. We do provide medication to control post-operative pain.

Do I really need a Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal treatment is needed when the nerve is inflamed or undergoing irreversible damage/infection. Few factors help us determine if the tooth needs root canal treatment.

  1. color change (darker tooth color, especially traumatized front tooth)
  2. temperature sensitivity (hot/cold)
  3. sensitivity to pressure either from biting, tapping or pushing on the suspect tooth.
  4. x-ray exam
  5. electric nerve test (a device that measures the nerve’s ability to react to a mild elctrical stimulus)

At least several of the above test should indicate the need for root canal treatment for us to make the recommendation. Accurate diagnosis is important
 ...because, once treatment begins, you are totally commited: You cannot change your mind and 'back out' halfway through the treatment.