Cosmetic Dentistry

Home Bleaching

A custom made trays are made to fit your teeth to hold the bleaching gels on your teeth for few hours and few days. A simple and controlled procedure to make your teeth whiter at home.

  • マウスピース
    ▲custom made trays
  • DayWhite
    Application time 30-60 minutes
    once a day for 2 weeks
  • NiteWhite
    Application time 1-2 hours
    (also can be worn overnight)
    once a day for 2 weeks

Our newest bleaching gels are direct import from the United States and it not only whitens, but also strengthens your tooth enamel with ACP.

Office Bleaching (Zoom! Plus Advanced)



Zoom Plus advanced office bleaching procedures with decreased possible sensitivity. The procedure involves painting bleaching agents on tooth surfaces. It is recommend to follow Office Bleach with Home Bleach to maintain the white teeth or repeat another office bleaching.
Recommended for people who would like to have immediate result or prefer NOT to wear bleaching trays.

*Result of whitening may vary from patients.


▲Veneers & Bleaching

Internal Bleaching